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According to some estimates, nearly 112,000 traffic tickets are handed out every day in the U.S. Traffic violations can rack up large fees and leave points on your license. Don't let an unfair traffic ticket go unchallenged. Contact Alex Hodges Law Firm for assistance with traffic law in Kansas City, MO

Your traffic ticket attorney will do everything in his power to lessen or eliminate your charges. Never pay for a ticket you know to be unfair. Call today or use the form below to learn more about my competitive traffic law rates in Kansas City, Missouri.

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I have years of experience as a leading traffic ticket attorney in the Kansas City, MO area. Contact me today if you've been charged with:

  • Aggressive driving

  • School or construction zone violations

  • Driving without a license or insurance

  • Failure to signal, stop or yield

  • Illegal turning

  • Improper passing

  • Red light violations

  • Seat belt violations

  • Speeding

  • Street sign violations

Your skilled traffic ticket attorney will question your charges and give you the best chance for success. Speak with me today!